Event Highlights during Winter in Gastein

Krampus and St. Nicholas meet the Snowboard World Cup and Gondola Dinners. No contradiction in Gastein whatsoever. Rather, a winter season filled with exciting moments.

Ever so gently, those thick, white flakes float down from the sky, the winter sunshine glimmers on the snow, illuminating billions of sparkling diamonds. People in the valley slowly get in the mood for Advent. They say, this is the most peaceful time of year. In some ways yes, in others no. Not least because, as in many Alpine valleys, centuries-old traditions are deeply rooted here in Gastein. And those traditions are not always calm and subdued. At the beginning of December, for example, Saint Nick and his companions roam the valley. The loud bells and scary masks are said to drive away evil. Later, other heroes have their turn, when Gastein kicks off the New Year with a major sporting event. The FIS Snowboard World Cup guarantees hot duels at the foot of the Stubnerkogel. And culinarily, too, winter in Gastein has so much to offer.


So, what are those Gondola Dinners all about? Find out for yourself, during your holiday in Gastein. You will quickly see: When winter arrives in Gastein Valley, things are only just getting started!

Sound & Snow on 26th of March 2021