Gastein Thermal Water

Escape, immerse yourself, experience the healing powers of Gastein thermal water.

Gastein thermal waters emerge from the depths of the Earth at temperatures as high as 46° Celsius, naturally enriched with valuable minerals as well as the noble gas, radon. The hot spring water is the result of a natural cycle that has literally spanned centuries, during which it has absorbed minerals and optimal levels of radon.

Activating the Body's Self-Healing Powers

Are you in touch with the self-healing powers of your own body? The thermal waters in Gastein have the unique gift of being able to activate those powers. Naturally enriched with radon, the energy of the water itself restores balance to your body's immune system. For centuries now, people have been making their personal pilgrimage to Gastein to feel the positive effects of the thermal waters on their chronic physical complaints.

Frau beim Tauchen im Thermalbecken

The Long Journey of Thermal Water

Gastein thermal water already has a long journey behind it, before it bubbles up at the spa or steams into a vapor bath. After percolating through the rock for hundreds of years, all the while dissolving valuable radon salts, it slowly makes its way back to the Earth's surface in Bad Gastein. In the heart of this world-famous spa destination, at the foot of the Graukogel, it emerges in the form of natural hot springs. Can you guess how much water comes out of the 18 springs every day? Actually, it's almost five million liters!

Radon relieves Pain

Did you know that radon regenerates cells and strengthens the body's own immune defenses? Long-lasting pain relief results from therapeutic use of radon. The noble gas is absorbed by the body through the skin and respiratory passages, where it then develops its full benefits. In fact, even within a few hours of treatment, you can already feel the positive effects.  

Dame im Thermalwasserbecken unter einem kleinen Wasserfall

Positive Effects of Radon

The effects of radon as a natural form of pain relief have been proven in numerous scientific studies. Though the best evidence is provided by the guests themselves. Many return to Gastein year after year so as to benefit from the positive effects. In fact, around 25,000 patients annually are drawn to beautiful Gastein Valley for radon therapy. The key role is played by Gastein thermal water in various forms, the most famous of which is the radon therapy bath. Many hotels in Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein have the thermal water piped in directly. So-called "subaqua therapy" is yet another, very intensive treatment approach involving Gastein thermal water, offered at numerous in- and outpatient competency centers.

Holidays and Treatment Combined

Want to couple a wonderful vacation getaway with a treatment program? Many hotels in Gastein Valley give you the perfect opportunity to combine therapy and holidays. Spa programs rejuvenate and reenergize your body, followed by even more much-needed relaxation for the rest of your holiday stay. There has never been a better way to escape and recharge your inner batteries completely.

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