Gastein Healing Gallery Therapy

Natural pain therapy with the power of the Gastein mountains

The Gastein Healing Gallery is the most intensive form of therapy in Gastein. During the Healing Gallery treatment program, patients undergo three to four therapy sessions in the Gallery every week. The greatest benefits are achieved through 10 - 12 sessions within a three-week period. In a standard session, you will spend one hour in the Healing Gallery itself. You are able to stretch out and relax completely on one of the numerous therapy beds, allowing the healing climate of the Gallery to work its wonders on your body. For the entire time you are in the Gallery, medical staff are right there at your side if needed. Upon your return to the main building, you can unwind some more in one of the relaxation rooms. Massages, physiotherapy and various other forms of treatment enhance the effects of the Gastein Healing Gallery.

Your First Session in the Healing Gallery

Prior to your first visit to the Healing Gallery, you will be given a check-up by a doctor, who will also evaluate the function of your cardiovascular system. The doctor's findings are certain to dispel any remaining concerns you might have. Actually, before that initial therapy session there are a number of things to take care of: the check-up we have just mentioned, details about the procedure, borrowing a spa robe, changing, waiting a little, then boarding the train that will take you into the mountain. Perfectly trained staff will insure that all the preparations are easy and stress-free.

Personen im Heilstollen

Introductory Therapy Sessions

Twice a week the Gallery offers introductory sessions in the therapy area. They are a great opportunity to discover first-hand this fascinating form of pain treatment. You don't have to apply for a full therapy program, but everyone does require a check-up by the doctor. Once you have received a "green light" from the doctor, your journey towards a life with significantly reduced pain can begin.


Over 100 guests can ride the train into the Healing Gallery at the same time. Meter after meter, you make your way deeper into the mountain, and temperatures gradually get warmer and warmer. After a few minutes, you will reach the therapy area, where you are greeted by air that is humid and warm (37° Celsius). A sense of total comfort and relaxation quickly spreads. For the next 60 minutes, you will be able to stretch out on one of the therapy beds and allow the unique healing climate of the Healing Gallery to work its wonders. Experience for yourself this fascinating natural way to relieve chronic complaints affecting your musculoskeletal system.


Please register here: +43 6434 3753-0

Opening Times:

The Gastein Healing Gallery is open from January until mid-November. Therapy sessions in the Gallery may be booked from Monday to Saturday.

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