Your Weekly Program in Gastein

From yoga courses to guided mountain tours - there's just so much to experience. And something new every week. Welcome to Gastein.

A relaxing yoga course to clear your mind. A guided mountain bike tour through the untamed, romantic alpine world of the Hohe Tauern range. Group snowshoeing expeditions, hiking tours led by mountain guides, and so much more – in Gastein, there's always something going on, summer and winter. The weekly program will provide you with valuable information even before you arrive. A great way to plan your holiday week in Gastein perfectly. Or, why not be totally spontaneous and see what's available today.


For your perfect vacation - whether sporty or completely relaxed. Amid the fascinating mountain world of the Hohe Tauern peaks.  

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Sunday, 23.01.2022 - Dorfgastein

Castle tour Burg Klammstein

Castle Klammstein - Dorfgastein
23.01.2022 | 11:00

Can you imagine the exciting stories these old walls would tell if only they could speak?

Burg Klammstein, at the entrance to the…

Monday, 24.01.2022 - Bad Gastein

Guided ski tour for beginners

Bad Gastein - Bad Gastein
24.01.2022 | 09:00

Ski tours are becoming more and more popular. Climbing the mountain on your own power makes the following downhill run a special…

Monday, 24.01.2022 - Bad Gastein

Take off above Bad Gastein

Stubnerkogel - Bad Gastein
24.01.2022 | 09:30

Soar into a breezy adventure in the middle of Gastein's winter mountains. The offer can be booked individually by arrangement during…

Monday, 24.01.2022 - Bad Hofgastein

guided Ski Safari

Meeting point: Top Station Schlossalm - Bad Hofgastein
24.01.2022 | 13:00

The Ski Safari is free of charge! No registration necessary.

Monday, 24.01.2022 - Bad Hofgastein

Intro to Cross-Country Skiing

Cross country school - Bad Hofgastein
24.01.2022 | 15:00

Please register in advance by 12 on Monday.
€ 20,- per person; € 15,- with Gastein Card

Monday, 24.01.2022 - Dorfgastein

Visit to the farm with torchlight hike

Biobauernhof Torbauer - Dorfgastein
24.01.2022 | 16:30

Each Monday - visitors in Dorfgastein have the possibility of visiting the bio farm Torbauer. After a common walk to the farm, you get…

Tuesday, 25.01.2022 - Bad Gastein

Ice climbing for beginners

Bad Gastein - Bad Gastein
25.01.2022 | 09:00

Because of the altitude the ice becomes very compact. With 350 meters one of the biggest and most beautiful Austrian ice falls is…

Tuesday, 25.01.2022 - Dorfgastein

Take off above Dorfgastein

Fulseck - Dorfgastein
25.01.2022 | 09:30

The offer can be booked individually by arrangement during the winter season.

Costs with Gastein Card: € 110,- (without GC € 120,-),


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