GASTI will enjoy you during your family holiday

"GASTI" is the Gastein Valley mascot and embodies the fun, adventure and variety you will enjoy during a summer holiday spent here with your kids.

"GASTI" brings fun, adventure and variety to your summer vacation with your children.

GASTI stands for the many possibilities that are available to you during your family vacation in Gastein. His drop-shaped body is reminiscent of the region's abundance of water and his hairstyle of the pointed peaks of the Gastein mountains. GASTI is the perfect companion for your family hiking vacation in Gastein.

Hiking with GASTI: Hiking trails for parents with children

With the family adventure trails in the Gastein Valley, the saying "the way is the goal" takes on a new meaning. Along the six theme paths, unforgettable adventures await children. Always with them: GASTI, who points out all kinds of exciting things along the way and brings children closer to nature and the history of the Gastein Valley.

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Hiking experiences for the whole family: the 6 GASTI paths in Dorfgastein

Accompany your children and GASTI on foot through the Gastein Valley. All family hiking trails have a maximum walking time of 1.5 hours. On some trails you can take the pram with you and take a break in the Almhütten along the way. Hike the most beautiful places in the region on six child-friendly hiking tours that offer fun, knowledge and adventure for your kids.

Fairytale Path

The Path of Legends in Dorfgastein definitely lives up to its name. Whether the tale of the cheeky shoe-patcher or the devil of the Mühlgraben, both of which are retold on info boards along the way – as you can see, this hike is also a journey into a magical world. The starting point is in Unterberg, while on the way back, we suggest paying a visit to the museum at Burg Klammstein.

Bear Path

Animal friends and fun games are just waiting to be discovered along the Bear Path. On the way out to the Amoseralm, there is so much to see and experience, including a bear’s cave, a Kneipp pool, play opportunities in the water and much more.

Nature adventure Path

How do ants live, what is deadwood and what effects does climate change have on nature? Along Gasti’s nature trail, all kinds of questions about insects, the forest and nature will be explained in ways children can easily understand. Along the way, youngsters will pick up all kinds of intriguing facts about wood, points of the compass, insects and our changing climate. The various themes are clearly and understandably presented on information boards. That said, fun and adventure aren’t neglected in the slightest either – Gasti guarantees that! The kids are encouraged to answer questions and solve puzzles relating to the various themes. Benches and tables invite everyone to “take the weight off”, relax and enjoy.

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