Family Summer in Gastein

Between high mountains and lush green meadows and enjoy the freedom of summer to the fullest – Gastein awaits you and your children with a family vacation the way it was meant to be.


In the morning at breakfast you can already feel the anticipation of what the new day will bring. During the day, run, jump, climb, ride or fish in the mountains and breathe in the clear mountain air. Later, enjoy the cool water in the lively swimming pool or crystal clear mountain lake and cool down your temperament a bit. At dinner in the cozy accommodation have a head full of beautiful stories of the past day. Afterwards, fall into bed tired but happy with shining eyes, to wake up again the next day full of anticipation.

The Gasteinertal is the ideal destination for a family vacation:

  • Horseback riding, climbing or fishing while breathing in the clear mountain air
  • Bathing fun with water slide in the swimming pool or in the crystal clear mountain lake
  • Pleasure and culinary delights in the family hotels & children's hotels
  • Bright children's eyes that fall tired but happy into bed, to wake up the next day full of anticipation.

This is what a vacation day in the Gasteinertal can look like for your child. And if the children have fun on their summer vacation in Austria and are happy, so are the parents. And can enjoy time for two even on a family vacation.


In Gastein, all possibilities for a successful family summer are open to you - you just need to seize them. The best thing is to "Hike and Experience with GASTI" - the mascot of the valley!

Active holidays: Summer vacations for small adventurers in Gastein

Gastein is the perfect holiday destination for explorers, big and small. Whether you plan on spending your 2019 summer holidays as a single parent with a child or together with your bigger family – kid-friendly adventures await behind practically every hilltop and every bend in the trail. For example, along the Path of Legends, the youngsters will discover magical tales from the distant past as well as have a chance to solve riddles and puzzles along the way.


Bread baking workshops will give them an opportunity to knead the dough and shape the loaves themselves, and then, in a matter of minutes, sample the tantalizingly fragrant farmhouse bread pulled fresh out of the oven. On guided trail rides through green meadows and shady forests, your children will experience first-hand the joys of horseback riding. Out on a leisurely bike tour, they will be able to lean into their pedals and race against their biking buddies, coasting along our valley’s safe bicycle paths.


The"Solarbad“ in Dorfgastein is a swimming pool in a green, sunny part of the valley, promising great fun in and around the water for your whole family. And on our four adventure mountains the Fulseck, Schlossalm, Stubnerkogel and Graukogel – small explorers get to experience grand adventures, including a big children’s playground as well as a chance to show off their mountaineering skills on a family via ferrata.

Fly fishing and panning for gold: Holidays with nostalgic charm

Taking a deep breath and enjoying the beauty of Hohe Tauern National Park. Waiting, as the crystal-clear stream water of the Kötschachtaler Ache babbles cheerfully by you. And feeling the certain sense of excitement in the air before the first fish bites. Fly fishing is an unforgettable experience for children. In Gastein, as you fish side-by-side with your kids, you will be able to experience nature at its most beautiful – in the midst of Hohe Tauern National Park, next to the delightful Kötschachtaler Ache, with countless brook trout splashing about in it.


If you are looking to “nab” something a little different, how about trying your hand at panning for gold in Gastein. Together with your youngsters, you are certain to enjoy all kinds of exciting moments. And right there in the bottom of your dark pan, could that possibly be a small piece of Tauern gold shining out from between the grains of sand? Aspiring treasure hunters can walk in the footsteps of those gold prospectors of old, discovering the various gold-panning sites that dot Gastein Valley.


Regardless of whether your child is hungry for adventure or a daydreamer, whether your child prefers to discover the wonders of this world quietly and thoughtfully, or always wants to go “full steam ahead” – during a summer holiday spent in Gastein, youngsters have every conceivable opportunity available to them.

Hiking with children in Gastein Valley

If you are spending your summer holidays in Gastein with your children, you are looking for a different kind of hiking experience than if you were here alone or purely with your partner. With children, it is those little experiences along the way that assume greater importance, plus the hikes shouldn’t take too long and not be too strenuous. And maybe you even have a very young family member who would like to tag along in a pram as well.


In fact, there are more than enough pram-friendly hiking paths in Gastein. In general, promenades alongside the river and not-too-steep forestry roads are your best options. In Gastein, you will find a number of these in Sportgastein, in Kötschachtal, along the Gasteiner Achenpromenade, or on the Gasteiner Höhenweg. Many of Gastein's theme paths are ideal for children, too. All that’s left for you to do at this point is choose the hike that jumps out at you most.

Kid-Friendly Hikes in Gastein

Angertal in Bad Hofgastein

Angertal in Bad Hofgastein isn’t only an insider tip for enthusiastic youngsters. In fact, if you pan for gold in the Angerbach, with a little bit of luck you might actually come across a glimmering treasure or two. The hiking path alongside the stream is also suitable for prams, all the way out to the valley head.

Astenalmen in Böckstein

The Astenalmen in Böckstein near Bad Gastein is an especially popular destination for the kids, not least due to its beautiful, big playground and a nicely maintained petting zoo for them to enjoy. At the upper Astenalm, visitors are treated to farm-fresh products as well as delicious regional specialties.

Herb Hike

If your children take part in this herb hike, they will get to discover the amazingly diverse treasures that grow quite literally right outside their own front door, and the astonishing benefits these herbs have for our health. On 05 and 26 August 2019 from 9:30 a.m. until noon, at Mühlhof Farm in Bad Hofgastein (€ 3.00 per child).

  1. over zomerse alpenweides wandelen

  2. als eerste op de top van de berg zijn. En daar trots op zijn.

  3. kinderogen zien twinkelen. 

  4. levendige folklore ervaren.

  5. pootjebaden in een kristalhelder bergmeer.

  6. de tijd vergeten in een rustieke alm hut.

  7. de traditionele "Salzburger Bauernherbst" ervaren

  8. riddertje spelen bij de ruïne van het kasteel Klammstein.

  9. de dagelijkse zorgen even vergeten.

  10. de indrukwekkende sterrenhemel bekijken. Tot uw ogen langzaam dichtvallen.

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