Ski Touring in Gastein, Salzburger valley

One vertical meter on the heels of another, without the help of a gondola or lift. The journey is its own greatest reward, after all.

Ski touring in Austria continues to grow in popularity. Being able to get out into the back-country, feeling the physical exertion of fighting to reach the summit: These are the things that produce a sense of incredible freedom in the heart of every ski tourer. And after all of that effort, the rewards are many. Including the breathtaking scenery that greets you in your winter holiday. Already know exactly what we're talking about?


As you make your early-morning ascent through the forest, you might well catch sight of a shy deer, or the tracks of a rabbit which had hopped across the piste just moments before. Memorable encounters, indeed. Encounters that ski tourers know well. We invite you, too, to share some of this magic with us, during your upcoming holiday here in Gastein with loads of ski touring routes.

Three clearly marked routes add to the safety of your off-piste skiing adventures.

What should I put in my ski-touring rucksack?

  • warm change of clothing
  • jacket resistant to wind and wetness
  • cap and gloves
  • drinking bottled filled with slightly sweetened tea
  • small snacks such as bananas, granola bars, dextrose
  • map of the area
  • sunglasses 
  • sunblock 
  • avalanche search & rescue gear (shovel, probe, transponder)
  • mobile phone with stored emergency numbers
  • camera
Tourengeher auf dem Gipfel

Love the silence away from the pistes? If so, ask our alpine specialists about magical back-country tours in Gastein!

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