Stay healthy, reenergize your cells …

… prevent illness – a theme that is becoming ever more important. Many people are doing everything they can now, to ensure they remain healthy later on in life.

It is impossible to encounter a doctor who doesn’t advise you to have a healthy lifestyle that includes lots of exercise, balanced nutrition and less stress. Nonetheless, in daily life it isn’t always easy to do all the things that are necessary to promote good health. Every now and then, aches and pains begin knocking at the door that can eventually turn into serious complaints over time. But that’s precisely where the Gastein Cure can bolt that “door”, so to speak. After all, methods that have been scientifically proven to be effective cures, can also be used in prevention. Beyond that, the various therapies offered in Gastein can also spark a happier, healthier lifestyle overall. A well-structured therapy program helps you to overcome your inner inertia, making it easier for you to stay healthy and fit once you get back home. 

Gastein Therapies

Radon Therapy
Radon Therapy
What are the healing effects of radon in the Healing Gallery, thermal water and unique thermal vapor baths?
Gastein Healing Gallery
Gastein Healing Gallery
The perfect interplay of radon, warmth and humidity makes the Gastein Healing Gallery an effective form of therapy.
Thermal Water
Thermal Water
Escape, immerse yourself and allow the thermal water of Gastein to work its wonders on you

Personally tailored therapies

Many people already use Gastein therapy as a form of prevention. Radon therapy stabilizes the immune system. During therapy, messenger substances are released into the body that promote cell renewal and the body’s own internal repair system, simultaneously acting as natural anti-inflammatories. In autumn, restore your energy reserves in the Gastein Healing Gallery, stabilize your immune system during winter in a vapor bath, in springtime, shake off the cobwebs in the radon bath, and in summer, don’t only take a vacation, also regenerate in the warm water of our thermal spa resorts. Regardless of the season, the Gastein Cure provides an added boost to your life. In fact, aristocrats of the 19th century – including Empress Elisabeth and her husband, Franz – described the thermal water of Gastein as a source of eternal youth. You don’t have to wait until you are dealing with a concrete medical problem: Now is the perfect time to invest in a healthy future! 

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Healthy shortbreak

  • 4 nights
  • session in the healing gallery + medicinal bath
  • massages + spa entrance
from € 292,00 per Person
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