Ski Touring in Gastein

Are you new to this sport? Here in Gastein, you can learn the skills you need.

With the help of clearly marked ski tours, you are certain to get your first experiences in this sport off to a safe start. And of course, you will be able to rent all the equipment you need at one of our local sporting goods stores.

Stubneralm Ski Tour - S1

Already know Angertal Ski Center and the Stubnerkogel from regular alpine skiing? If so, how about a ski tour up to the Stubneralm? The start of this 3.6 km tour is located at the end of the B11 ski run, close to ski restaurant “Angertal 1180”. This beautiful forest tour is clearly marked with 20 signs and has a gain of some 640 meters. Afterwards, reward your achievement with nice bite to eat at the rustic Stubneralm.

Important: At the start and finish of this tour, there are some brief sections on the actual piste itself.

Zirbenroas Graukogel - S2

This actual marked ski tour on Zirbenberg Graukogel begins at the lift mid-station. The 1.5 km “Zirbenroas” involves a gain of approximately 500 vertical meters. You will make your way up through the forest step by step. Once at the top, you will be rewarded by magical views of Gastein Valley along with well-earned refreshments at the Graukogelhütte.

Depending on the snow conditions, you might even be able to begin this ski tour at the valley station of the Graukogel lift, climbing via the edge of the piste to the mid-station. Or, simply ride "Graukogelbahn I" up to the trailhead next to the mid-station. The fare either up to or down from the mid-station is € 11.

Rules for Ski Tourers:

  • Pay attention to information signs and obey the posted rules (e.g. nature sanctuaries, restricted hunting zones, reforestation projects etc.)
  • Respect marked quiet zones for wild animals, avoid feeding stations and make as little noise as possible (for example, no fireworks on New Year's Eve!)
  • Only cross forested areas using marked paths and routes
  • Only observe wild animals from a distance. If you have brought your dog, be sure to keep it on a leash 
  • Never ski through reforestation zones or areas of new plant growth.
  • Schedule your timing carefully: Don't hit the trail before sunrise or return after sunset.

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