Classic cross-country skiing and skating in Gastein

Gently gliding on the cross-country ski trails through the Gastein winter landscape

On a total of seven different cross-country ski trails spreading over 35 kilometres, cross-country fans as well as "newbies" will find a wide array of routes in Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein. Along the Gastein river, through the village and deep into a romantic valley on the side of the mountain. Fasten your cross-country skis or skating skis and off you go into the snowfields of Salzburg Land.

The rhythmic movements of hands and feet and the confident gliding through the snowy landscape bring serenity and a feel-good factor to your winter holiday. Cross-country skiing is not just popular among the older generation. It improves balance, coordination and endurance, therefore in Austria skiers of all ages have embarked on this sport.


Skating, in particular, raises the pulse and burns many calories. Cross-country skiing or skating can be practised with the whole family, partner or friends. Are you ready for a joint getaway to Gastein, explore the beautiful countryside by cross-country skiing, skating or winter hiking and then relax in one of the huts?


Book your winter holiday special & glide through Gastein on cross-country skis.


The reasons why to book a cross-country skiing holiday in Gastein:

  • On foot to the cross-country ski trail: Many of the Gastein accommodations are very close to the local cross-country ski trails. Thus you can reach the cross-country ski runs on foot from your hotel, and off you go!
  • Cross-country skiing or skating without gaps: As soon as the temperature drops enough, many cross-country trails are snowed in and prepared.
  • Evening cross-country skiing: Even though it gets dark early in winter, you can still go cross-country skiing after a day spent in the spa or on the mountain. The Kurpark trail in Bad Hofgastein and the Böcksteiner trail in Bad Gastein are lit until 9 pm.
  • Each cross-country trail is designed for classic & skating rides.
  • The cross-country skiing season is prolonged: the Sportgastein cross-country ski trails are at an altitude of 1,600 metres. Therefore you may cross-country ski from autumn to spring.


The latest trail report provides you with current trail conditions in Gastein.

Endless cross-country enjoyment on 40 km of trails:

XC Trails in Dorfgastein

Dorfgasteiner Loipe: 2.9 kilometers, easy to intermediate

XC Trails in Bad Hofgastein

  • Kurparkloipe: 2.2 kilometers, snowmaking, floodlit to 9 p.m., laser biathlon.
  • Sportplatzloipe: 2.5 kilometers, easy trail.
  • Achenloipe: 4 kilometers, easy to intermediate.
  • Angertalloipe: 3.25 kilometers & 6.5 kilometers, intermediate.

XC Trails in Bad Gastein

  • Böcksteiner Loipe: elev. 1,100 meters, 5.5 kilometers, easy trail, floodlit until 9 p.m.
  • Sportgastein Loipen: elev. 1,600 m, 1.7 kilometers, 2.8 kilometers & 6.2 kilometers with different levels of difficulty.

Those rather wobbly first attempts on cross-country skis go so much better if you receive some professional instruction. In Gastein, you can book cross-country lessons and immediately discover a whole new sport.

Why you should book a cross-country skiing holiday in Gastein:

  • Within walking distance of the ski trail: Many lodging establishments in Gastein are located close to the local XC trails. So, it's just a brief stroll to the trail, then away you glide!
  • Uninterrupted cross-country enjoyment: As soon as the temperatures are cold enough, snow-making equipment kicks in along a number of the trails, trails which, incidentally, are also nicely maintained.
  • Skiing in the evening: Even though it gets dark early in winter, you can still go cross-country skiing after a day at the spa or out on the mountains. The Kurparkloipe in Bad Hofgastein and the Böcksteiner Loipe in Bad Gastein are lit up until 9 p.m.
  • Each trail is set up for "classic" as well as "skating" technique.
  • Gastein has a long XC season: The trails in Sportgastein are located at 1,600 m above sea level, which means you can ski from autumn until well into springtime.
Langläufer auf den Loipen im Gasteinertal

The sport of biathlon combines cross-country skiing with target shooting. Test your accuracy using a safe laser sports rifle out on the XC trail.

Langlauf-Sportschule Bad Gastein

Cross-country skiing for health, well-being, fun, and freedom.

Hirschaustr. 7,
5640 Bad Gastein
Langlauf-Sportschule Bad Hofgastein

"Skiing in silence on the tracks of world champions"

Kurpromenade 14,
5630 Bad Hofgastein
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