Gourmet cuisine and an authentic hut atmosphere: an ingenious mix

Six toque-awarded chefs, all masters of their profession, conjure up exceptional dishes at select ski huts.

If you grow up in this part of the world, there are certain dishes you expect to encounter whenever you stop in at a ski hut. Don't get us wrong, goulash soup and hot dogs still have their rightful role to play at huts in the Gastein ski area. But even at these airier elevations, every now and then you also develop a yearning something more refined. Dishes that are a treat for your eyes as well as your taste buds. And that's precisely where the Gastein Ski Toques come in. Back in the autumn, internationally acclaimed chefs are already fine-tuning dishes they have created especially for specific ski huts. Each of the chefs comes up with a specialty that will be offered on the hut's daily menu. One of the requirements: Most of the products used in the recipe have to come from the region. And of course, the ambiance of the ski hut will be appropriately matched to the exquisite dish - including outstanding table-side service as well as a perfect companion wine.

Every day a different gourmet dish

Thanks to the Gastein Ski Toques, our winter guests can enjoy a different gourmet dish every day of the week, simultaneously getting to know a different hut. You see, each hut serves a different dish, which has been prepared according to a recipe created by its own adopted toque-awarded chef. This offer is really popular with diners, not least because of the unbeatable price: No "Ski Toque" dish ever costs more than 20 euro. Let's by all means give goulash soup and hot dogs their dues - but who could possibly resist an offer like this?

Von den Haubenköchen zubereitete Gerichte auf Gasteins Skihütten

Star Chefs participate in "Gastein Ski Toques"

Did you realize that there is a greater concentration of toque-awarded chefs in Salzburg than in any other Austrian province? This year, yet again, a number of those headliner culinary names will be stepping up to "the plate" for Gastein's new Ski Toque season: Johanna Maier, Vitus Winkler, Johannes Fuchs, Lukas Ziesel and  as well as Gastein locals Jörg Wörther and Sepp Schellhorn. Their shared goal is to create an irresistible palate-pleasing treat, one which will be replicated every day at the various ski huts. The fact that all six of these acclaimed chefs participate in the event with such joy and enthusiasm speaks volumes for the overall concept behind Gastein Ski Toques: Taking great cooking to new heights, literally and figuratively.

Have we whet your appetite? During your holiday in Gastein, treat yourself to exclusive dishes created by some of Salzburg's most prominent chefs, perfectly matched with an outstanding wine. Welcome to the peaks of enjoyment, welcome to Gastein!

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